Support of Missions and missionaries is an important ministry of Bible Truth Chapel since its earliest history. We support the Lord’s work beyond our local community through people that have gone both in the United States and to other areas of the world to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

To that end, each year four regions and missionaries (singles, couples, families, or projects) are identified for prayer and practical support.

As we are able, we regularly contribute to these quarterly missions projects to assist in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.

Providing these faithful workers our prayer support and financial and material assistance has been a core part of the ministry of our assembly to those in foreign lands and at home.

Our Full-Time Workers

Jonathan and Betty Brower

Itinerant ministry
Based in Danville, Virginia

Glenn Craig

Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry
Miami Youth for Christ

2020 Missions

January – March

Tom & Carol Clark

Chiclayo, Peru
Residential Children’s Home – shoe for abandoned children
Website: MorningStarPeru.org
Email: [email protected]

April – June

Daniel Mannella

Spreading the Good News of salvation in Christ.
Information withheld for security reasons

July – September

Steve & Jenny Luibrand

Teaching and mentoring leaders
Small group ministries for men and young mothers
Email: [email protected]

October – December

Kelsey Gartin

Niger, West Africa
Christian Academy Work
Discipling women and children

CMML: Christian Missions in Many Lands

The missionaries that CMML serves are those who are called by the Lord, commended by their local churches and look to the Lord alone for direction and to supply their financial needs without contractual links with any other agency. As a missionary service organization, CMML bridges the gap between those on the foreign field and their assemblies at home. CMML serves by facilitating prayer for missionaries, forwarding unsolicited, free-will gifts to the missionaries, and disseminating information concerning missionary activities. As a service organization, CMML does not send or superintend missionaries but simply serves them.